Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Bonding: Activities for Your Kids and Elderly Parents

By Joanne Pizzuto

The summer is a great chance for your kids and your elderly parents to spend some time together, as your children are out of school and you may have to bring them with you to care for your seniors if they require extra help during the week. As such, the summer is a wonderful opportunity for your kids and your parents to get to know one another and create lifelong memories. Having a great relationship with their grandparents is a wonderful way for your kids to enjoy their company and create the supportive familial network that will help them to get through the challenges they face as they grow. Below are some activities that you can facilitate to allow your kids and your parents to spend some quality time together this summer.

  1. When you go to your parents' house to clean and take care of routine activities (such as helping pay bills, etc.) bring your children along. Bring a board game, puzzle, or other favorite activity that your kids and your parents can work on together. If your loved ones complete a puzzle, frame it so that they have something to remember their fun times together for years to come.
  2. Invite your parents along when your kids have extracurricular activities. For instance, team sporting events are a wonderful occasion for your seniors to get out of the house and support their grandchildren in their endeavors. Plan to spend some family time before or after the activity so that all of your loved ones can enjoy one another's company.
  3. To beat the heat, schedule trips to the local museum or to the movie theater. Many local theaters offer free movies to kids on the weekends and can provide a great setting for your family members to bond while enjoying some of their favorite films. 
Ultimately, it is important that you help your parents and your kids to create strong relationships. The bond between a child and their grandparents is strong, and these and other activities will help your loved ones to create memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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