Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Protecting Your Senior Against the Heat this Summer

Summer is a favorite season of many individuals, as it provides the chance to soak up some sun and enjoy the warmer temperatures. But for those seniors living in the South, these temperatures may become dangerously high—and they can actually lead to several life-threatening medical complications. The home care professionals at Always Best Care of Alamance, serving Alamance and Guilford Counties, as well as the communities of Burlington, Southern Greensboro, Jamestown, High Point, and Roxboro, encourage you to learn what these medical complications are and how you can help your elderly loved one prevent them.

Health Concerns: What Can High Temperatures Do?
When your senior is exposed to exceedingly high temperatures they can develop a long list of medical conditions. These include hyperthermia, heat fatigue, heat exhaustion, heat syncope (which manifests as sudden dizziness), heat cramps, and heat stroke. Some of these conditions, if not addressed right away, can lead to serious health concerns and, in extreme cases, death. As such, it is integral that you know how to protect your senior against these issues.

Tips for Keeping Elderly Individuals Cool this Summer
First and foremost, make sure that your loved one has access to a cool living environment. If they do not have central air conditioning in their home, help them to install window units so that they can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout their living space.

If your senior is determined to spend time outside, make sure that they do so during the early morning hours before the heat of the day has set in. On mornings that are particularly hot and humid, though, encourage your loved one to stay inside—particularly if they have heart, kidney, or lung disease or suffer from poor circulation.

When your elderly loved one is ready to spend some time out of the house, help them choose indoor destinations that will provide a comfortable environment. For instance, they may visit the local mall, go see a movie, or spend time at the community center. This will help them to keep cool without having to stay in their house at all times.

The elder care professionals at Always Best Care of Alamance ( know that summer is a very dangerous time of year for seniors, as the heat can cause truly devastating medical complications. As such, these professionals urge you to follow these recommendations when caring for your loved one. If you suspect that your senior is being affected by the heat it is important that you seek medical attention immediately.

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