Friday, September 28, 2012

Senior Services Greensboro: Long-Term Care Insurance

By Joanne Pizzuto
When dealing with Senior Services and Senior Care in Greensboro and Burlington, the question of long-term care insurance often arises. Insurance is a rather common purchase; people buy car insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and even renter’s insurance. Long-term care insurance is just as valuable as these other policies, as it is designed to assist families in paying for the costs associated with senior care. The home care professionals at Always Best Care of Alamance, serving Alamance and Guilford Counties, as well as the communities of Burlington, Greensboro, Jamestown, High Point, and Roxboro, know that the cost of elder care can become overwhelming for many families. As such, they encourage you to look into the value that long-term care insurance can provide.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?Long-term care insurance is exactly what it sounds; this kind of policy covers expenses that are associated with the long-term care of elderly individuals. Oftentimes, the assistance of home care professionals is necessary for an elderly individual to continue aging in place. For this reason, families may decide to call in the services of senior care providers, who assist with daily activities. These activities range from one case to another, but often encompass grooming, dressing, eating, etc.

While the benefits associated with long-term care insurance vary from one plan to the next, this is the kind of assistance that the plan will, generally, cover.

What Should Your Family Look for in a Policy?As with any form of insurance, long-term care insurance policies change from one company to the next. Likewise, insurance companies may offer a variety of plans to better meet the needs of a wider range of families. The best thing to do when choosing a policy is to talk with your loved one’s doctor to determine what to anticipate in terms of care. Next, schedule a meeting with an insurance professional to discuss the options available.

Collecting the Benefits of a Long-Term Care PolicyAnother topic to discuss with your insurance professional is how to collect the benefits that the policy has to offer. The insurance company your family chooses may require you to submit claims on your own or it may work directly with home care providers. Ask your insurance professional exactly how claims are handled and if you will need to personally do anything to ensure that the benefits are dispersed.

The home care professionals of Always Best Care of Alamance know that long-term care insurance is an important part of a family’s financial plan. They encourage you to talk to your insurance provider about the policy options that are available to your elderly loved one.

Long-term care insurance is one of many issues facing many families across the US today as its largest generation reaches their golden years.  We at Always Best Care are attuned to your needs and equipped with the knowledge and experience to  make the transition to elderly care easier on you.  It is not an easy decision to make, so we have put together an E-booklet filled with tips, advice, and general information so that you are well informed.  If you decide to contact us to assist you care for your senior, we will discuss your needs and capabilities so that the change in their life is handled delicately.  Joanne Pizutto, the owner of Always Best Care, awaits your phone call or email, whether it is today or farther down the road.

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By Joanne Pizzuto

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