Friday, September 28, 2012

Elder Care Greensboro: Engaging Your Siblings in the Care of Your Elderly Parents

By Joanne Pizzuto
In elder care situations, families often band together to provide the care that their elderly loved ones need. In fact, it is common that siblings will work together to support their parents in their desire to continue aging in place. Oftentimes, though, it takes a great deal of effort to get siblings working together to provide such care. From geographic distance to the emotional strain of watching a parent age, there are many factors that may discourage some siblings from becoming involved in the care of their parents. The home care professionals at Always Best Care of Alamance, serving Burlington, Greensboro, Jamestown, High Point, and Roxboro, know that getting your siblings engaged in the care of your elderly loved ones is not always an easy task; however, they are certain that the following tips can assist you in your efforts to pull your siblings together and support your aging parents.

1.    Ask your siblings to assist in the care of your loved ones in a personal way. Consider the strengths that your brothers and sisters possess and how, with these strengths, they may benefit your parents. For example, if your mother and brother share a love of theater, encourage your brother to assist with care on the days that he can take your mother to see a show.

2.    Consider the ways in which your siblings can, individually, be of help. For instance, your sister who lives three states away may feel as though she cannot do much. To get her involved, ask her to schedule doctor’s appointments and call in prescription refills. Additionally, she may be able to handle financial responsibilities and help manage your parents’ bank account.

3.    Remain sensitive to the things that your siblings value and try to find ways for them to assist without having to sacrifice the things they love. For instance, ask your sister to help with running errands and housecleaning while her kids are at school so she is free to spend time with them when they are home.

The senior care professionals at Always Best Care of Alamance understand that getting your siblings involved in the care of your aging parents is not always an easy task. But by remaining sensitive to their feelings and the ways in which they can help, you can work as a team with your siblings to show your parents the support and love they showed you as you were growing up.

The cooperation of children is one of many issues facing many families across the US today as its largest generation reaches their golden years.  We at Always Best Care are attuned to your needs and equipped with the knowledge and experience to  make the transition to elderly care easier on you.  It is not an easy decision to make, so we have put together an E-booklet filled with tips, advice, and general information so that you are well informed.  If you decide to contact us to assist you care for your senior, we will discuss your needs and capabilities so that the change in their life is handled delicately.  Joanne Pizutto, the owner of Always Best Care, awaits your phone call or email, whether it is today or farther down the road.

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By Joanne Pizzuto

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