Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Celebrating Grandparents' Day with Your Senior

The calendar is marked with multiple holidays that are meant to celebrate the various people in your life. Mother's Day and Father's Day are two of the most popular, but there are many other designated dates upon which to voice your appreciation for your loved ones. Eldercare professionals know that Grandparents' Day, is a wonderful time to recognize your seniors and all that they do for you and your family.

Understanding Your Relationship with Your Loved One
Celebrating Grandparents' Day is a wonderful way to show your love for your seniors. But the truth is that every elderly individual will not appreciate the same recognition on this holiday. Some love large gatherings with family and friends, and they will enjoy a party that allows them to socialize with loved ones and spend the evening eating, talking, and enjoying one another's company. Others may prefer a more intimate gathering with just a few people, or even one on one time during which they can spend a quality afternoon with a particularly important family member.

Understanding the dynamic of your relationship between yourself and your senior will help you to determine the best way to mark this important day. Make sure that you tailor your method of celebration to what your loved one will enjoy, not to what you want, as it is their day, after all.

Activities to Build Relationships and Have Fun
Whether you opt for a large party or a small gathering, Grandparents' Day is a wonderful time to mark and strengthen familial relationships. Having the right activities planned is crucial, so put some thought into how to best honor these bonds. The professionals of eldercare, Always Best Care Burlington-Greensboro remarks, know that there are several different ways to celebrate your seniors' lives that will help other family members to better appreciate them.

Senior care providers encourage families to engage in the activities that their grandparents love on this special occasion, from simply sitting around talking to going for a walk to visiting a favorite park to hosting a dinner for friends and family. Additionally, listening to your senior talk about their childhood and your family's roots can help build stronger relationships and strengthen familial bonds.

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