Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Home Improvement Projects to Keep Your Senior Safe

Home improvements are essential in keeping your senior's house safe. Over the years, your loved one may want to continue aging in place but may naturally face difficulty doing so due to mobility limitations and other side effects of the aging process. To help out, it is a wonderful idea to make any improvements that you can yourself. But what, exactly, can you do to assist your senior in creating a more secure living environment? When it comes to home care, Always Best Care Burlington-Greensboro professionals know that there are many projects you can tackle to meet your elderly loved one's safety needs.

Address Flooring Issues
Falling is one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen for seniors, as they can suffer from severe injuries and have a difficult time getting up. As such, a spill can result in your elderly loved one staying on the floor until someone comes to see them, which could be hours or more. Because uneven flooring is a primary cause of trips and falls, it is imperative to make sure that your senior has solid, even surfaces throughout their home.

Start by evaluating the carpeting and rugs. Put a non-slip backing on any rugs and make sure that the ends stay down. If the ends are curled up, it is a good idea to replace the rug. Additionally, check any tiles for chips that could pose a threat. If necessary, you can remove this tile and replace it quite quickly once you have all of the resources you need.

Improve Lighting
Lighting, both inside and outside, is key to safety. Without proper lighting your elderly loved one may trip and fall or stumble into furniture. Additionally, they may miss steps on a staircase or veer off of the sidewalk or driveway onto uneven terrain. Check all lights and add any in rooms that are too dark. Floor and table lamps that connect to an electric switch are wonderful options. Outside, consider adding security lights that turn on when movement is detected to ensure that your senior has plenty of light when they need it.

There are many ways in which you can improve the safety of your elderly loved one's living environment. Home care professionals encourage you to investigate your senior's needs and work on any DIY projects that you can to improve their surroundings.

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